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Epidermophyton floccosum [Dermatophyte Listing] [M. audouinii]

E. floccosum colonial morphology E. floccosum darkfield microscopy E. floccosum biochemicals
Colonial Morphology Microscopic Morphology
Phase Contrast
Biochemical Reactions:
BCP, SDA and Urease
  • Growth rate: moderately fast
  • Texture: glabrous, becoming felty to powdery, heaped, folded
  • Thallus color: yellowish green to khaki
  • Reverse: yellowish brown
  • Variant: downy with underlying yellow
  • blunt, smooth, thin walled, club-shaped macroconidia in clusters
  • no microconidia
  • many chlamydospores in older cultures
  • BCP: profuse, alkaline
  • Urease: positive
  • Hair perforation: negative
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Compare to and
Differentiate from:

  • nonsporulating white form from nonsporulating yellow T. rubrum : BCP, urease, hair perforation
Etiology & Ecology